Mode for Military assaults

To explain in full; i want to create a mode, or at least a few maps which will simulate various form of military assaults such as airborne assault (dropping paratroopers from a plane into a battle to capture a military base), air assault(transporting and attacking a base using helicopters to insert troops and provide air support), and an assault using armored vehicles(using tanks and Humvees to attack a base).
For my first map I want to create a battleship with usable AA guns surrounded completely by water for one team. Then have a separate staging point with various attack and transport helicopters for the other team. Obviously, the AA guns and helicopters will be entities so they will take quite a bit of work, while the ship and helicopter platform will just be part of the map.
I know this would take a large amount of work but I’m interested in getting it started. Anyway, please post your opinions on this, if you have ideas you want to add, or if you’ll be willing to help make this in any way.

Soo, you’re the ideas guy?

Well I plan on making the map i described not just being the idea guy, but I wanted to post it on fp first to see what people thought of the idea and whether anyone wanted to help since I don’t have much experience in making custom entities too