Model and Animation Showcase from Various Projects


Hey all, just wanted to show off some assets that I’m making for a project in UE4 and a few assets for some HLA Workshop maps, but I’m eager to also use them in S&Box and S2 if/when I get the chance. (so envious of some of the tools S2 has)
I hope you enjoy reading, any feedback (other than the obvious lack of materials/textures) is welcome!

Personal Project - Nailgame (UE4)

Nailgame - Nail Jumping

While I don’t have many assets to show off for my own game, as it’s still in the blockout phase of development, I can show one little feature:

In my game, I’ve created a method for assets to be chosen procedurally based on the savegame (random for each playthrough) and the surrounding environment.

Below are a selection of bins, 2 bins that would alternate between open/closed tops, and a rural/street style.
It works really well in game, and I think it just adds a tiny bit of detail.

Here are similar bins, with different styles:

Here are some random props/buildings that I made:


Half-Life Alyx Workshop Projects

While I personally haven’t made any HLA maps yet, I was commissioned to make some cool assets for some really interesting HLA workshop maps that I don’t think have been released yet, but it was a good time working on them nonetheless.

Half-Life 2 Beta: Air Exchange Truck Re-imagining

Here is one of the models I was commissioned by the amazing Reeno to make. It’s a re-imagined version of the HL2 Beta Air Exchange Truck, brought into the modern day (based on the MTT20 CAT777 Mega Water Tank) - while keeping one stark similarity - no textures.
I’m dealing with a lot of school right now, and textures are difficult to get the hang of, personally.

(Dunno how to do any lighting of sort without a good texture sorry haha)

SOURCE: MTT20 CAT777 Mega Water Tank

Cancelled EA Montreal Half-Life Project Concept Art

Here is another model I was commissioned by Reeno to make - The Bridge from the cancelled EA Montreal Half-Life Project for another custom HLA map.

Here is the full, up-scaled image of the concept art:

Random Animations

Here are a few animations of mine, as a first timer when it comes to rigs and animations, I think they’re pretty good.
I made a custom Headcrab Rig to practice with in Blender, so I could understand how animations and armatures worked in UE4, and hopefully soon enough in S&Box too.

Custom Headcrab Rig






Conclusion (?)

I would love to one day use all of my skills thus far, and work on many projects and experiments. There are some projects that I’ve always had in mind that just never… fit with most public game engines out there, and S&Box seems to be a great platform for the things I have in mind.

Thanks for reading!