Model and bones broken in Gmod; need some help.

WARNING: Don’t view this thread if are offended by characters from shows your probably don’t watch.

This is the first mod a made from scratch to an already existing model in Blender. Let’s just call it an accessory that takes up most of it’s body. For some reason it’s just not working like it should in Garry’s Mod. Constraining them to the jiggle bones or base doesn’t work, and it almost seems to have a weight to it. When viewed in Source Filmmaker and hlmv (as well as the stand tool), however, it looks great.

Here’s what the model looks like using the stand tool.

And here’s what it looks like when unfreezing and picking it up towards the middle.

In case the picture doesn’t show, the bodygrouped fluff is dragging pieces of the model while the bones themselves are invisible. When using the stand tool however, the bones work just how their supposed to and only glitch out when unfreezing. I think the easiest thing to do would be to make the fluff static, so I can can move the whole model at will without having to make it a statue, but I’ve only been working with the program for so long. Any suggestions?

If the Blender files are needed, I’ll provide them.

Check if all vertexes are rigged to rootbone.

The model seems fine to me

It’s supposed to be a sheep right?

It’s a pony.

Looks like a sheep.

EItherway, you issue is, that you most likely have a bone somewhere in the middle of the model, which acts as a root bone with the back and forward rigging chains starting at it. And the bone itself is unrigged to the model. It then gets thrown out during the compile process and you’re left with two separate bone chains.

It works fine in with the stand tool, because that places bones to the their default position.

Maybe this can help.

Here’s is a perfectly working accessory from the original pack:

And here’s what my structure for this piece looks like:

Besides the missing gray points, I’m running out of ideas on how to fix it, and I copied one of the skeletons to use as a base.
And for the record, even when it was just a solid object connected to the pelvis (the root bone on the model) it still dragged away from the model AND take the bone physics with it…

try to find the area of the break with vcollide_wireframe 1 in the console. That will show your physics mesh and you can take a look at where the break is kinda.

Okay, I’ll try it out.

Now after doing that command I can only assume that the purple things being spawned are collision models. It spawned 3 separately from the body and I don’t know what to do with them or where to find them in the program. The one in the middle controls the root of the fluff, the one on the right only makes the body slightly twitch but it doesn’t control it, and the one on the left does… nothing at all…

Again, I posted a ‘properly’ rigged model and the accessory separately so I know what I did wrong. I might be new to this, but the fluff of MY model should only have one big collision model instead of all over the place. They should also be invisible when attached, just like the model on the right.

I’m getting closer, I just need a little more help…

looking at that collision model, all I can say is that your skeleton is all kinds of absolutely messed up really. Maybe you’re running multiple skeletons t once or something else. But the issue is definitely in the skeleton and how it’s setup.

I’ve had this issue occur when swapping between phymodels for different base models. In other words, perhaps your phymodel is linked to bones which no longer exist in the actual model resulting in errors such as a different mesh being used and the original one being unlinked.

How about a screenshot of the phymodel in the viewport along with a screenshot of the mesh in the viewport as well?

Finally found the problem! As it turns out those 3 blobs where leftovers of the tail from the the phymodel I was using. My model didn’t have one, so deleting them apparently did the trick.

There’s still some facial problems when you close her eyes but I can figure that out later.