Model and Particle Errors/Glitches.

Hello world of Facepunch, I seem to be of a bit baffled at what my current situation is (In Gmod none the less.)

I recently moved to a new Computer (Still XP, shit choice I know.) and when I moved all my mods from the old PC into the new one, there were two things bad about it… 1.) TF2 Models were always a very light shade of either Orange, Blue, or Yellow. Almost the equivalent of using the Color Tool to take it to a very light shade. And the # 2.) is after I got Nexus_Elite’s new Killing Floor Model pack it would’nt even bloody load into Gm_Construct!
I just did the logical thing and deleted all my files and started a new. Everything sempt fine… But then holy shit my TF2 Models looked as if they were Cheese and Burnt Toast and I couldn’t look in specific area’s for some reason or else everything would be out of wack until I tilted the Cursor somewhere else.
The Weapon and Prop models for TF2 work like a Charm but Ragdolls were a problem. I also can’t seem to use Color Mod nor any other Post-Processing Material at my disposal without Gmod Crashing. Plus if I were to hit a Civil Protection officer with a Crowbar per say, his blood would turn into boxes with a line cutting through them.

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps urkishflame\garrysmod\garrysmod\screenshots\gm_construct0000.jpg

Thanks for reading this, and I hope you all have some advice for me, and believe me it isn’t my PC being XP. It has never been this bad before.

Would you mind posting the specs of your new Computer?