[Model] + [Animation] Searching modeller for our Server. Theme: Zombie


Hi there, I’m the main administrator of “The Gamesketch Network Zombie Survival” Server.First of all, I do have almost no experience with modeling.
We are searching for someone that would like to help us out with some modeling.
Now if you are not interested and would never help anyone for free you should stop reading now :slight_smile:

I find my self to have the control of a Server that is getting quite popular for its age ( Its only 1 week old )
We want to make this server very special, To reach that goal I want to make changes to the zombie survival gamemode and
add my own ideas. I’m very creative however not enough time anymore to learn modeling while in
charge of 3 Servers
, and its allot of work. Modeling and Coding is too much work for me, it would only waste time that
I need somewhere else. **This is why we need you!
I am going to introduce more different Classes of zombies in “Zombie Survival” and we do need Models for them of course.
Those models need animations for running and attacking. ( The usual shit i guess? )

I might fail with this post and it will get buried in Facepunch forever with no response. but maybe someone does really want
to be part of our Server. My other Admin is learning LUA now ( He has experience with some of the languages ) to take care of
all the boring coding. While you would make my ideas come true. ( We work together, I give you freedom for your models )

If no one signs up, well at least I tried. Thanks for reading <3 Facepunch

Add me on Steam, skype ( nexitem ) or send me a e-mail to [EMAIL=“nexitem@chello.at”]nexitem@chello.at
The IP of the server is “The Gamesketch Network” gamesketch.net:27015 or

PS: Make sure to add contact information in your post if interested.

I think making a demo of what you have currently may create some interest in your project, and by extension giving you a better change of getting some help.

The gamemode is not by me, Jetboom coded it. its using default zombie models and some of his own models. I want to throw in a little bit of my own ideas into his gamemode for my server. That way we get a diffrent expirence.
This is the thread of his gamemode: Zombie Survial

Do you have someone to code these new zombie classes already?

Its not hard to code the zombie classes, jetboom made it realatively easy to make new classes ( its just one file and you can set the model + sweps it uses maybe add some new sounds edit a bit of health and other stuff, boom new class.)

Another guy is going to look into the Swep part. ( maybe even myself cant be such a big deal… )