Model animation - Something is here weird!

I have a weird problem in Garry’s Mod ( i think that’s a problem with my model ).
I ported a model ( that was an NPC ) to a playermodel. Now all it’s fine and great, my model works with animations and other stuff.
I installed the model editor called PAC3, and there i selected Toggle T-Pos ( or something like that ). My playermodel disappeared!!

And the second weird thing ( i think that has got a relationship with the T-Pose bug ): When I spawn this playermodel like a Ragdoll, It’s invisible too!

I checked the animations in PAC3 and the only thing what Can i say is that the ragdoll animation cause the model to disappear.

Ok, well i hope somebody can help me :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!

Ps. Yes I added the $includemodel “f_anm.mdl” in the .qc file of that model.

Could you possibly just quickly pastebin the contents of the QC file and list what files you have in the folder?

Yes, please:
Here you go, mdldecompiler.qc:
and the list of files:


Ps. I know the line $includemodel “humans/female_shared.mdl” is wrong, but i have tested many things.

I’m not sure what you mean by wrong, it looks fine to me. I prefer rebuilding the QC after decompiling, but there shouldn’t be any issues with that one. Do you get any errors at all when compiling or when spawning the ragdoll?

No, I have checked it, but no errors, nothing!
The compiling is clean to, (no errors or warnings).

//Edit: I fixed it, I used the program “StudioCompiler” and now the T-Pose is working.
And anyway, Dragon52225 thanks for Your help :slight_smile: .