[Model / Animtor Request] Tank Animations / Helicopter Models

What I am doing:
I am currently creating a Urban Mid-CQB map for Insurgency with a few “Dynamic Elements” based around the “Push” gamemode.

What I need help with:
Insurgency does have some models that I am currently using as placeholder. (M1A1 Abram, UH-60 BlackHawk) However, neither of these models have animations. I have been working on some myself (In Engine) However I cannot get the treads / blades to animate.

I am looking for a modeller / animator to help me get various vehicles to have animations. (Either using Insurgency models OR models ported by Kali: UH-60 Stealth Blackhawk AND M1A1 Abrams pack - I have recieved permission from Kali to use his ports) (preferably Insurgency Models)

The Models:
M134 Miniguns - For vehicles
AH-6 Little Bird - Minigun Variant
M1A1 Bridge Constructor (I have created a version myself. Doesn’t look as professional as a model)
UH-60 BlackHawk (Destroyed Variant) - If Kali’s model is used

The Animations:
UH-60 BlackHawk - (Insurgency has a model)
M1A1 Bridge Constructor - Kali’s MW2 Port (Bridge Deploy)

Contact Me:
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Or PM Me here.

Or want to leave me some Advice / Tips / Tutorials I’d love to hear / see them!

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