model as map

i have a obj file of BloodBath from mgo and i want to port it to insurgency 2. how do i do this ?

It wont light well. You’ll probably want to map in 3ds max with wallworm tools.

It’ll look like this:

and have no collision because models require convex collision elements and wwmt won’t generate these easily

Plus it will be completely unoptimized.
Your best bet would be to extract/recreate the textures and use the model as a reference to block out the map by hand. it will be for the best if i just remake the map and use model as a reference or
maybe wait and see if Source 2 will make the porting easier?

source 2 will probably be what you’re looking for, since I don’t think there’s actually much of a difference between models and brushes to it. :v:

as far as I can see, visually, None at all. Plus you can just right click it and change it into a mesh anyhow.

nice any news on the release date for source 2 ?

No, not as far as I can tell. It is ‘released’ as an alpha for Dota 2. But no news on an FPS counterpart.