Model / Bad Company 2 - G36C and/or XM8


I’m looking for bad company 2 g36c or/and xm8 (I thinks so because I saw xm8 on screenshoots from game)

I need them for my anims, you can check them on my yt channel (last video)

could someone help me?
Thanks for reading and future replies

Why you rate him dumb? It was just a simple question which can do big things.

BTW, Shortez, I am sorry, but BC2 models AFAIK gets their UV maps fucked up, hence the reason we cannot port it yet, sorry buddy.

Great CSS anims BTW.

If only people helped me with Battlefield Play4Free… SOME of the BFP4F are from Bad Company 2, like the M1911A1, AEK-971, M16A4 and others.
I don’t know what is going to be the full list of weapons in the final version though.
If you need any files from BFP4F to give it a try just ask me.

the G36C does not exist in Battlefield Bad Company 2.

It is a MG36V in Bad Company 2, but just replacing the C-Mag with the XM8’s magazine would make it a G36V, that’s good enough for me! xD

Ok thanks guys for replies :slight_smile: ow so maybe I saw bc2 with g36 mod, but I’m sure that I saw it…
And thanks, I do my best with relases.

Again, this is models/skins request section for Garry’s Mod, not CS:S.

^ The guns in BFP4F can be very useful.

Just downloaded the latest update on BF Play4Free and I saw it has some unique weapons or weapons with decent quality that we don’t have in the Source community forums:
AEK-971, USAS-12, SV-98, MG3, PP-2000 (the older model, not the one with rails), MP-443 and more.
Isn’t there anyone interested?

If someone has ported them to Garry’s Mod that would be cool.

It sure would. I tried what I know: the basic usage of PoE 2 tools, but no success.