Model base(s)?

This might be an odd question but does anyone here know if there’s any circular model bases? I recall seeing some in a SFM (I think) picture not long ago and I’d really love to use them in Gmod.

Would appreciate any help or links.

Are you referring to the one I use?

Because if so it’s just a modified prop from the old dota2 branch.

Yeah that’s the one although I heard it’s bugged to hell in SFM so I dread to think how it’d be in Gmod.

Well it’s here if you want it. I altered the materials years back to work in pre-alienswarm branches of source so it should be fine.
Only problem I could think of would be the lack of physboxes given the mdl is raw from dota2; but even that could be solved in a manner of minutes as the model is very easy to decompile.

I mean you can still use it without physboxes. It will just spawn as an effect.

Woop, thanks and don’t worry about the lack of physbox.