Model basics

So I’m pretty much a complete noob working with models, but I’m really interested, particularly since Oblivion’s resources and ability to modify the game are made very accessable.

So I need to throw a few questions out there about how the models are built and put together.

Firstly, what connects the head and body? Are there points designated on the horse skeleton for example that both the head and body reference for position? How is this done?

Second - textures? When I load in a model (I’ve just been playing with the horse models) the texture loads up with it. How is the texture connected? I’ve noticed in mods every .dds file is sort of ‘attached’ to it’s .nif, when is this made? How would I ‘attach’ a texture to a new brand new model?

Lastly, on the horse head mesh, there is a white base with a green cage with the shape of the mouth and around the eyes - what does this mean and what purpose does it serve?

I guess these might be too many questions to ask and it might seem like I’m lazy not learning the program or something, but I’m finding it hard to find a tut or explanation for little things like this which someone might otherwise be able to explain to me easily.

Just an FYI: This is a forum for making models for GMod, not Oblivion. Not many people here will be able to answer your questions accurately.

I haven’t worked with putting content into Oblivion, just porting from Oblivion to GMod, so take all these answers with a grain of salt:

  1. That would be the rig (aka skeleton, aka armature). Using this is a complex system itself, so I suggest starting with models that don’t need to be rigged. From how Oblivion works, a sword or other weapon would fit that description.

  2. Unlike GMod, I believe Oblivion sets up the textures at compile time, maintaining the same relative path from the uncompiled model to the in-game one.

  3. I have no idea what that’s for.

Oh yeah, woops. Despite the headers being big and blue, I never seem to notice them.

I hope I don’t get banned ; __; mods move plox. xx

But yeah, thanks. I suppose some folk will have experience around here but I more than hear your point.

Cheers for responses, and I expected as much - I’m just really curious how it all links together, and me, not being the sharpest tool in the box at the best of times, is not very good at figuring it out.

Maybe starting with weapons, swords, would be a good idea.