Model browser crashes hammer

Whenever I open my model browser hammer just crashes. I tried disabeling vgui for model brwoser, didnt work. I also tried adding the mdlpickerscreencaps.res. As I dont have tf2 I just copied the raw code for it, pasted it in notepad and saved it as mdlpickerscreencaps.res and inserted it in the folder: half life episode 2/ep2/resource/

Still no luck tough.

Maybe it has to do with me adding a few dark messiah models? I maybe replaced a folder/file crucial to ep 2 model viewer that only works with dark messiah’s model viewer?

that usually never works, notepad doesnt work like that.


go into source sdk and hit the refresh mod content or something like that.

You sure about that? It has worked for a bunch of stuff I tried earlier. If thats the case can someone upload the file.

Yea I tried that but it didn’t work =/