Model Browser in L4D Authoring Tools is invisible.

I don’t know where this error has come from; I’ve never encountered it before. Basically, the model viewing portion of the model browser in Hammer is completely invisible. I’ve tried reinstalling twice, and deleting the registry keys with it as well. Oddly enough, the Portal 2 Authoring Tools are fine (I can see models no problem), but with L4D, it just doesn’t work.

Here’s a picture describing my problem:

Any ideas?

I get this error usually when the model is either missing or the model path in it’s material file is missing / incorrect. However, because these are the default files it comes with, I’m not sure.

I thought this aswell; as when I chose not to use the VGUI model browser, a lot of the folders were classed as “invalid” even though they were part of the game.

Even then when opening actual valid models they still appear invisible.

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Seems like there’s no fix for this problem. Apparently it was introduced with the Sacrifice update. Oh well…

Valve’s fucked with the SDK for l4d2 recently, I’ve been having problems too and they came right out of the box as i did a fresh install of both the game and SDK.

I have this, and its only in the L4D tools, not L4D2 or any other, its been likes this for a year soon.