Model Building Programs?

Hey, I’m starting trying to make models and stuff, but I was wondering if any of the experienced creators had a specific 3D modeling program that they use and think is a pretty good system. If you have any suggestions, please help me out! Thanks a bunch!

Just let yourself know, about 3% of the people here actually have legit apps, so a ot of the choices people hve made will be expensive ones.

Okay… well out of Milkshade and Autodesk Softimage, which one would most prefer?

I use maya. But not a lot of people use it… Most seem to use MAx, wich they think is better.

I’ve barely used it, so I can’t judge.

You could try out: Blender 3D. I’ts totaly free and legal.

3ds Max 8 is my preferred software

kHED is also an simple and free program…

Does google sketchup still work? Somewhere in the SDK files I found a readme for google sketchup valve tools, but I never tried it.

I use 3ds max 2010 quite good.

@koto000 is khed any good for making ragdolls or just props and entities?

Use blender if you are just starting out. It has a lot of great feature and it’s FREE. It also has tutorials.

The very best is 3ds max 8-2010. I actually use both 8 and 2010.
It costs money but it is overly worth it. espically compaired to blender, milkshape, and maya. There’s a free version of 3ds max called gmax at

Same here.

Blender for start - its USER FRENDLY and FREE.

blender would be youre best bet, as you appear to be a newbie to modelling. its free, fun and user friendly