Model changes size upon compiling

Yesterday, I started work on a new playermodel for Garry’s Mod. Everything has been going fine except for the legs:

In 3DS Max, the legs are short. However, upon compiling + viewing it in HLMV, the legs stretched themselves out:

And here is a comparison:

Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

Look at some things in this thread, CaptainBigButt is pretty much the go-to-guy for skeleton compiling troubles.

Otherwise, he’ll answer you in this thread anyways.

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Enjoy :v:

Is this a player model ?

If so, your model is probably ‘adapting’ to the player animations which have different proportions. I’d say this is causing your model to stretch, specially the legs that are shorter in the original rig.

It’s a playermodel. I managed to fix the proportions issue, but the legs need a SHITLOAD of work:

Sending over the basic project files would probably be the fastest way to get this dealt with.

Keep in mind that with shorter legs means the pelvis will need to be lowered to prevent the feet from floating. Minor edits to ikchains may be necessary to better adjust the feet contact with the ground and each foot bone themselves should avoid rotation to avoid conflicts with Source’s ikchain system.

Raising or lowering the pelvis in large amounts may result in the model sinking or floating when sitting or crouching, something which can only be fixed by editing animations.