model clipping

[release]Model Clipping

after model clipping wasnt released for so long time, i decided to make my own.
Finaly after feeding the gate with hundrets of blue barrels, it works.
I always wanted to do something awesome, and i think i now did.

If you find any bugs or if you want me to add something, post it in this thread.

Thank you !

State [tab]Development Stopped[/tab]


  • If the gate turns off, things got “cut” by the event horizont ( failed: gm_queryphys.dll is not compatible with the clipping)
  • Nice teleportation (50%)

[release]Known bugs:

  • If you fastly pull welded things out of the gate. (fixed 100%)
  • Props which are behind the gate and dont touch the eventhorizont are solid again (fixed 100%)
  • Fail if you put other constraints than “weld” in the gate (fixed 100%)
  • Another collision bug (fixed 100%)
  • Epic fail when any prop is exting the target gate o.O ( 100%)
  • Fast props ( like shots of weapons ) are not teleported (50%, fixed for shots, but not for fast props)
  • Players are invisible after using the gate ( 100 % )
  • Certain entities ( like jumper ) got stuck in the target gate (? ~0% ?)

outdated Video of a very older version of the clipping, but main functions are the same


SVN: (always latest version!)


( TortoiseSVN Client is required! )

  1. Create a folder on your desktop called modelclipping
  2. Rightclick it, choose SVN Checkout
  3. Enter the link “” (without " ) and click ok
  4. After the download process is done, copy the folder to C:…\Steam\steamapps<yourname>\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons .
  5. Now you can delete the folder on your desktop!
  6. You are done :wink:


You probably have an addon what is overwriting the evenhorizon ( like cap )
so if you have cap, just delete cap\lua\entities\event_horizon
this will not have any effect on cap, it just makes the clipping work

If just the clipping dont work ( but the prop got pulled into the eventhorizon etc … )
check if you have installed modules like “queryphys.dll” and remove them!


  • ZeikJT for the main clipping code
  • Avon for his awesome stargate mod
  • Deathmaker for all the other stuff
  • People who helped me with code ( their names are in the code )

I’ve seen other lua coders making it,but noone ever released it.
Nice job with the water effect too,does that apply on different models or is it just the same?

its size changes

its the same effect when you put something in a “normal” gate, just more often

You should have just posted this in WAYWO. It isn’t that hard to do. I don’t understand why it isn’t in the official Stargate yet.

cause it still got many bugs

Bugs can be fixed with the community help,you know.

  1. aVoN is busy as hell
  2. Its about the teleportation of the props.

i thought it was about world collision etc o.O ?!

Is the mod still running on Lesh’s server and what does the inside of the stargate look like to a player?

yes it is running it.

there is no “inside”
props what are in the event horizont are behind the gate, nocollided with everything and invisible.

I mean what would a player see if they stuck their head in a stargate.

they would see things that are behind the gate.

but players are not affected by the model clipping

Do you have any plans on putting effects inside the behindish area of the gate?

They wouldn’t really see anything because they haven’t been transported yet. Stargate only transports things that are completely inside the event horizon.

There’s an area inside the event horizon, like the buffer is a physical space where things are stored.

i could put an effect on, yes …

but first i need to fix alle the bugs xP

Would be nice if you held a object half in, and it would come half-out on the other side.

Stargate’s portals != portal’s portals.

But it would look much nicer. (My oppinion though.)

That isn’t how gates work.

The object only gets teleported when its fully inside.