Model collisions

Hey, I wanted to port a crashed helicopter so I can use it as a prop in-game,
I have got the normal model done but when it came to making the collisions, I ran into a problem
the model has basically 2 parts and I have made a collision for both the parts like this
My collision model I made (I know it’s very messy, I can’t do proper models yet and the model is personal so it doesn’t matter much)

Actual model

And this is how the collision looks in-game

The 2 parts should be sepearate but the collision takes a lot of space in-between which shouldn’t be taken…
Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Thank you.

holy shit. those are way to many boxes. and cylinders. any errors in the compile console? you should reduce that collision bigtime. quick look from me (collision freak) 12-13 shapes maximum. you got the model as smd? i’d take a look how much i can squeeze in it.

Yeah, I never learned on how to make it into one big prop instead of multiple ones, I never saw a problem in but I guess that could be one.
I did get compile errors: WARNING: Model has 2-dimensional geometry (less than 0.500 inches thick on any axis)!!!

Here’s my compile folder with the smd and my horrible collision model :V
Link to download

okay. i think i may have gone a lil overbord here and there. but it’s the cutest pile of rubbish i’ve ever build. it’s climbable, 210 triangles. better then ~3000 collision tests. it compiles in sfm. i think gmod can do it too.

Oh my god, Thank you so much for this!

I have just tested it and it works perfectly and doesn’t mess up the collision either!
I really appreciate it for you to go out of your own way to assist me, I greatly appreciate it.