model commission guide?

i have a few models that iv had friends make for me, but they are always just reskins. is there a special site or section of Fp for commisions of gmod and source filmmaker models? and if so…how would that work? and how much does it usually cost? i would not mind paying.

FP doesn’t have a area for commissioning, although if threads where reverted back to the old style this would be a nice section to have added. There are many 3D artists here with a lot of skill(not porters)

If your looking for something to be modeled and are willing to pay just make sure your thread reflects it.
give detailed examples of what you need and put up a offer.
As for pricing, it depends on what you need done, and everyone has their own price they charge.

I nearly got paid for making a model for someone here as he wanted to pay but nothing ever happened…

I don’t think this website is set up for 3D artists to make money

Since Ive been here (which isnt long) it seems like a ‘Scratch my back and Ill scratch yours’ type of community

I’m primarily a 3d Modeller and highly dislike websites, coding and other less arty outlets so I’ve had people offer to make me
websites in turn for models.

Plasmid have you ever been paid for stuff on here? You seem to comment on every thread I do lol

Yes I’ve been modeling stuff from scratch for 6 years now, check my DA I do commissions for models. FP isn’t a area to secure good deals… not yet, and if you do, you ask for payment upfront as FP people are sketchy.

I would like to make a commission for a few models for a Star Wars RP server I’m on. And I am willing to pay if the price is alright.

Never had the best of luck myself and, in turn, my group.

I once paid a user here nearly a year ago to port Hun Batz to Gmod, still haven’t gotten any progress reports on it (last time was last August).

Then I asked another user to port the Smash Wii U Fox and a bunch of assets from Smash Wii U related to Fox into Gmod over a year ago. He got stuck somewhere with Fox and needed outside help.2 other users who at first were happy to help, eventually went completely dark on me. Not even a “sorry, I can’t do it.” Just nothing. The Fox model eventually got ported by someone else unrelated to who I asked to do the job. Silver lining was that unlike the first user, I didn’t pay the second before he did the job.

I’d love to find someone reliable enough to import models into Gmod (they could probably do a better job porting the Assault mothership from Smash Wii U into Gmod than me given the trouble I’ve been running into), but it seems like FP is the worst platform to try and find someone to pay for either custom models or importing existing models for someone for monetary compensation.