Model compilation error

i got problem, that i can’t solve it, everytime i compile with crowbar,it say:
ERROR: c:\users\ivanpc\desktop\peridot_homeword\peridot.qc(1): - bad command peridot_homeword\peridot_homeword.mdl"

And i can’t get trought it without help,there is QC.File
somebody coud give me a hand?

have you tried removing the "$cd “C:\Users\ivanpc\Desktop\peridot_homeword” line from the QC file, and then compiling the model?

>$cd "C:\Users\ivanpc\Desktop\peridot_homeword

You’re missing the end quotes.

I agree with cynaraos though, I’m not sure if you even need that.

He also doesn’t need the texturegroup, scale command and using the reference as your collision is just bad practice.