Model compile fine but material error texture violet and black

Hello all,

Sorry for disturbing you,

Can you help me with my model ?

QC :

$modelname	"props\frp.mdl"
$body mybody	"frp.smd"
$surfaceprop 	"metal"
$cdmaterials 	"models\frp\"

$sequence idle	"frp.smd"

$collisionmodel	"frp.smd" { $concave }

Folder Patch :


Problem : Texture Error violet and Black

Program used : Cinema 4D / Blender / 3ds Max / Vtf Edit / Crowbar

Thanks you in advance

Should be frp/materials/models/frp/frp.vtf and vmt

Not working

	"$basetexture" "frp/materials/models/frp"
	"$phong" "1"
	"$phongboost" ".1"

all files are in respective folders

Is it now invisible or still black and purple?

Your VMT is still pointing to the wrong thing, it’s supposed to point to the vtf file itself, so it’d be like materials/models/frp/frp

I send you the folder with mdl / vtf/ vmt

“$basetexture” should not contain anything below materials folder, including the materials folder.

You’d know this if you bothered to search it on google for 1 sec.

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So “frp/materials/models/frp” should be “models/frp”

Thanks, it’s working now
Thanks again !!!

I have followed all of the suggestions in this thread and my model shows up as invisible. What should I do now?

If the model is invisible, this means you didn’t set the shader to “VertexLitGeneric” on your .vmt files. Just type in “VertexLitGeneric” on your vmt files and it should be show up.


	$basetexture coast\shingle_01