Model Compiler Error - Cannot Link GUIStudioMDL with EP1 bin?


I am trying to compile a model of a weapon and when looking for a model compiler, I found that GUIStudioMDL was the best option, When Setting the paths for the compiler to work from It shows this error.

Game information could not be found in the "gameinfo.txt" file.
The game/mod can't be added to the selection list

I have installed and ran the following games yet still the error remains;
Half-Life: Episode 1
DoD : Source
CSS : Source

If anybody can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated !
Or if you could point me in the direction of another HL2 mdl compiler

Thanks for Reading

You need to set it up so it is compiling to them. Have you set up your SDK?

Also can you show a screenshot of what it looks like when you open it, as that will help to see what is wrong.

Do you know which gameinfo it’s refering to there?

I have setup my Source SDK, have downloaded and played the necessary games so the gameinfo.txt should be there.

I dont understand how a picture will help you, because that is the problem it looks like everything works, but it doesn’t

If you need a specific screenshot just ask,

Many Thanks for the reply

Have you tried not using a 3rd party compiler manager? Try dragging your QC’s right onto studiomdl.exe

It helps to make a bat file so you can run it from CMD and view your compile errors as well.

Could you give me a quick guide on doing that, I tried and it looks very confusing, besides how do i compile a v_model for a weapon.

Thanks For the reply.