Model Compiling problem...

I’ve been trying to modify the Eli Vance model, then put him back in game.
I’ve gotten the model rerigged, with the eyelids (sort of working) and animating properly in the model viewer and in faceposer…

But when I load him up ingame, his face seems to separate from his head.

Has anyone ever come across anything like this before? Anyone know any solution, or at least an explanation as to WHY this happens?
Thanks for listening.


Looks like it has some faces missing, did you somehow edit it in 3D program?
Because of faces are missing they will be see-through.

Also here is a suggestion: Don’t put your signature on your posts.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I edited the reference model in XSI, but I didn’t touch his head. Then I used the XSI sample scene to rerig the character, and used the weightmap from the sample scene. The textures, and the model as a whole works in XSI, the model viewer and faceposer, just not in the game.
If there were missing faces, surely the problem would have arisen sooner?

When the model is loaded in-game, it appears that the eyes and teeth animate independently from the face, which stays static.

…also, any particular reason I shouldn’t sign my posts?

You see, even without editing him but just compiling can change his mesh, since bones are quite cheeky thing.

And post signing: is just a bit noobish, since people still can see who posted it.

Okay, so editing and recompiling has can mess up the bones, but I completely rerigged the character, so the fact that the mesh has changed shouldn’t matter…shouldn’t it? I’ll experiment a little more.