Model connect problem

I am making my first organic model, or better, trying to.
But i have a problem, i want to connect the leg to the torso, but i can´t get it to work.
Same problem with the arm.

I want to connect the red line with the white line above it.

Hope someone can help, that would be great.

I believe that when you are working in Edge mode, you can select two edges and click “Connect” under the Edit Edges sub-menu to your right. Failing that, try Bridge which may be more stable. The cleanest option in this situation is to weld vertices to other vertices, ignoring edges.

It’s still not working, it is so frustrating.
Do you want to look at it so that i send you the 3ds file?
Here is the link for the .max file and the .3ds file.

Hm, the boundaries between the torso and leg aren’t as defined as they looked in the screenshot. It’s really a better idea to model continuously on one object, as merging two objects neatly can look very odd, as proven by the difficulty of doing so in this case.

My new suggestion here is to “bridge” the two edges on the bottom of the torso and delete the leg portion. You’ll end up with a hole where the leg should be. Go to the “Border” sub-object of Cylinder01 (in Editable Poly) and select the hole by clicking on one of its boundaries.

Then, click “Cap” in the menu to the right. It’ll fill in the hole. Now you can extrude this polygon to form the thigh, and modify it with edge and vertex manipulation to create the leg down below.

Oh like that. Shame that i need to create the leg again. (And the arm)
I really appreciated your help, thanks a lot.