Model converting.

I feel awful asking this but;

I have a ton of custom models Iv made, ripped and or acquired from sources, now I don’t have any programs that can open up source rigs, nor do I currently own a program that can convert them into mdls. Now I forbid blender as I can’t stand it, is their any program which is free and can convert objs to mdls and import source rigs.

If not is some one willing to convert these models for me, you can completely take your time and will be credited in the map and vechile pack I’m making.

Thanks a ton facepunch, sorry for this post being rushed, apparently in America the plug sockets can’t charge my iPad whilst I’m using it with out a notification saying “This accessory may not be supported.” When it’s a official charger.

What’s wrong with Blender? The only other free alternative is Maya.

I won’t lie, I tried blender so many times and I never get use to it and I’ll always mess up in it, could you list the plugins for maya thanks a ton :wink:

You can always use noesis, in case studiomdl refuses to compile your OBJs.

Basically - [noesis] obj > smd [studiomdl] smd > mdl