[Model] Courage The Cowardly Dog - Needs porting to Source

Hi everyone,

            I have recently been busy working on ripping the Courage the Cowardly Dog models from Cartoon Network Racing from the PS2.
    I have updated, enhanced and improved the model as well as it's terrible default texture mapping of which I had to correct too.

Here it is:

NOTE: The edges don’t look too great in this preview as I had to snapshot externally from 3DS MAX as I lack knowledge of Render to PNG.

I do enjoy playing the Courage The Cowardly Dog inspired gm_middle_of_nowhere map in Garry’s Mod so I know that this will complete that amazing
nostalgic feeling of the show.
I am also going to rip the Eustace and Muriel models and release them too as soon as they are done.

  Here is the link to the Courage model (EDIT: Fixed rough edges near arm) : [http://www.mediafire.com/view/8rjflsfjbxwa3rq/Courage_The_Cowardly_Dog](http://www.mediafire.com/view/8rjflsfjbxwa3rq/Courage_The_Cowardly_Dog)

     I am hoping that there is someone on here that can port the model over to Source for Garry's Mod soon. I would have tried myself

but there are no decent tutorials on how to do it anywhere on the internet of which I could find.

Thanks for looking.

Does he have bones/is he already rigged? If so, I’ll probably toss him a physmodel together.

that cute lil puppy

No, I havent supplied him any bones, however when I rig him to San Andreas, he will. If the bones are compatible, let me know and I will upload it :slight_smile:

I find it weird how Source, of all engines is very lacklustre in this part - I myself have really hard time finding about NPCs or w/e on how to rig them.

I feel you man, it looks like it’s a good model and I would like to help you rig it, but I only know how to do it for San Andreas too.

Anyone going to help out here?

Bump: I guess nobody is really interested. For those who are, I have spent all day trying to get to work on porting him to source and here is the result:

He’s not a ragdoll yet, still trying to figure that one out.

I swear I am tearing my freakin’ hair out with this now. It’s writing the .qc with all the information about the bones! I would say I don’t know how to get the values into text format, but I hear you have to copy each and every bone’s information from HL Model Viewer, but move the bones to match whatever. I can’t be bothered anymore.

Bump… any volunteers?

Bump, I lost everything on my computer, but luckily I uploaded my model here. I am now in the process of getting Cartoon Network Racing again now, so hopefully I can start work on Eustace and Muriel again soon.

Sorry for the lost files, i can help you with parts assigned to the bones, or soften the elbows and knees, but not what you need, Thanks for make a Coraje(Spanish)

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I Can Help you with this, sorry if it does not serve

Thanks for offering to help. I will try and get Courage back into Garry’s Mod again, but this time as a ragdoll, as last time he failed and became a prop, despite how many bones I rigged to him.

If you can have a look at getting him into Garry’s Mod without fail, go for it. I am far too busy with other projects at the moment but would love for this to work. :smiley:

[QUOTE=If you can have a look at getting him into Garry’s Mod without fail, go for it. I am far too busy with other projects at the moment but would love for this to work. :D[/QUOTE]

I Can Only help you with Bones, but nothing more, I wish I could help you out, sorry

Thanks anyway though, I really do not see how this is so difficult for me to understand. Every other game engine, not a problem. This, however is a pain in the ass.

I don’t see how people can port a load of stupid Pony models and yet I can’t port something that is actually worth porting that hasn’t been ported before a million times.

It’s actually fairly straightforward once you get past that first barrier although I’d imagine coming from different game engines would just make it a little more confusing. Source usually does things differently since it was built from GoldSource rather than from scratch, so a lot of the methods come from pre-2000. In any case, Source 2 is changing the workflow pretty heavily it seems.

Horse butts.

if I understand

I look forward to Source 2 in this case. For now, I shall have to deal with it and learn.

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Also, any idea why there are no tutorials within date nowadays? It is so frustrating!