Model decompiler for vista

Okay currently I am trying to decompile something I had compiled a long time ago on the ancient XSI when it was still softimage not autodesk with the valve plug in. But now wanted to change something on it after losing its original source .obj file that I had saved as a backup I currently. Remembering the decompiler for valve .mdl files I dl’d it with the dll’s the original errors gave. Though currently found it isn’t able to run anymore on my xp or vista pc. Is there any decompiler anymore that can run on Vista?

Not that i’ve found and i’ve tried them all (and I mean all).

Great Looks like I might have to start from scratch -.-

You could ask someone else to decompile it for you. Use my thread:

Cannonfodder’s decompiler works fine on a 32-bit Vista, and I haven’t heard of any problems with 64-bit.

Now you have because mine doesn’t :frowning:

Nor can i decompile any models its giving me an error with what seems hex values 0x000c or w/e and that the program must terminate. Will go get the exact error.

the decompiler can only decompile models made a year ago. since the new compiler no one has created a new decompiler.

so the old decompiler can only decompile old models.

Are you running the decompiler from the Ep1 BIN directory? If you put it in the OB directory, it’s going to give you dll errors.

Cannonfodder’s Decompiler can decompile new models as well, but not properly and sadly he has not updated the decompiler since ages.