Model Decompiler Problem

I downloaded a model de-compiler


And tried to run it, But it broke and gave me this:

How do i fix it?

go on to google and look for vstdlib.dll download it and add it to where you installed this program that should fix it

Didn’t work


put it in steam/steamapps/[user]/sourcesdk/bin/ep1/bin


Pretty sure its a system file (For what I could google) This might help:

Hmm try doing it again then it might work. :v
Otherwise i dont know what to do. :stuck_out_tongue:


try fixing that by a website that i can get you,:v.

You put the decompiler in …\Steam\SteamApps[username]\sourcesdk\bin\ep1\bin\ right?

If you did and it still doesn’t work load up the Source SDK make sure the engine version is set to Episode One and Refresh SDK Content.

BTW the decompiler you linked launched fine for me when I placed it in the correct folder :smiley:

It did have a different hash from the already hacked version of mdldecompiler 0.5 I use but since it at least launched I take it the one you have should work.