Model decompiling problems

Good day every one.
After 3 days of mind raping and google searching I finally decided to post a threat here…

The problem is I cant decompile some models i found in site.
I have downloaded those 2 packs:

And ive decided to make some animations in 3d max.
Not a secret there is a SMD importer for it, but i cant get decompile them to smd.
Im using cannonfodder decompiler 0.41 (used 0.5 before, but have read that 0.41 works better)

I changed the IDST1 IDST0 in those files to IDST,
The decompilator starting a process but crashes in process (Just-in-time) and the only thing i have in result is an empty ‘.qc’

Please, if some one had this problem before, and know how to solve it, response, ill be waiting.

Try version .5, not sure what OS you’re running but it runs best in windows xp.

try studiocompiler. MDL decompiler is old and newer versions of it is included in studio compiler

downloaded sheppard applied fix and succesfuly decompiled with studiocompiler 0.4A. btw with studiocompiler you dont have to rename IDST number

Studiocompiler was rewritten to not require Steam, and it’s significantly buggier. It tends to leave out face flexes and phys models. MDLDecompiler v0.5 is more reliable.

He only wants to make some animations in 3DS Max so I think he doesnt need phymodel or flexes. Also he should try all decompilers (0.41, 0.5, and Studiocompiler)

Thanks, the Studiocompiler helps.
I decompiled Shepards model, but still cant decompile Nick, it stops on ‘mdldecompiler_expressions.vta’ and its the only file i get after compiling.

try every decompiler … on nick 0.41 might work because it is not dumping flexes

No, NO IDST1 but IDST, its working fine for me
and use cannonfodder mdl decompiler 0.5