Model does not work

My model doesn’t work. After i spawn, in console it says:
“prop_dynamic: backwards mins/maxs”. I have done models before and they worked.
Help please

Post qc.

$modelname alexaz\wall.mdl"
$cdmaterials "alexaz\"

$scale 1
$surfaceprop "stone"

$sequence idle "wall.smd" fps 1

$collisionmodel "wall.smd" {
$mass 100.0
$inertia 1.00
$damping 0.00
$rotdamping 0.00

Take out damping and rotdamping, and probably inertia too, they’re unnecessary at those values

Doesn’t solve the problem though.

Everything looks okay. Try re-exporting all files and re-compiling.

I tried to do it many times. Can it be caused that i’m compiling it for orange box?