Model doesn't have assigned textures in blender 2.6

Sorry to be the pest,

I fixed my .qc problem, but when I uploaded the model it was missing the textures. It turns out that the textures didn’t assign themselves to the model in blender, so the .qc was looking for the Blender basic textures (ugly gray). Does anyone know how to assign the textures to the model?

Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong area, but could someone help me with this, or at least point me in a good direction?

Any help would be good.


Blender doesn’t generate textures or materials, all it does is specify what faces are assigned to what material file.

Create a new material in Blender and put .VMT at the end of the name

Assign your model to the material in edit mode.

Drop your .VMT and .VTF files in the directory you specified in you QC, eg.
$cdmaterials “models/Player/example/”

Thanks for responding,

However I’m still having problems. So I should note that I have very little knowledge of what I’m doing.

A little more detail…

I’m using a model from XNALara to put into gmod. The model already has pre-added textures (in the form of .png files) So I made a new material, and added each .png image (bump, diffuse, etc.). In the render it looks fine, but then they just don’t show. Blender claims that the .qc file is working fine, but when I export the model the textures aren’t there. I changed the .png images into .vtf files, which I used to make the .vmt files.

So I guess to sum it up, I have the .VMT files, but I don’t know how to get them into blender.

Final Note: I put my .vtf and .vmt files into a folder on my desktop. So in my .qc I wrote it as:
$cdmaterials “desktop extures\models”
Am I actually able to do that, or will it not find the files?

Sorry I’m kind of an idiot when it comes to this…

Thank you for your help so far, and thank you in advance.

VMT’s and VTF’s are irrelivant when it comes the Blender, the only thing you have to do is name your blender materials “Name.vmt” thats it, ignore everything after that, not VMT or VTF imports to blender are required.
and You MUST put your vmt’s and vtf’s in a source game destination:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\username\garrysmod\garrysmod\materials\models\example”

But the QC code only refers to the game you’re importing to, In this case Gmod, so your QC Compiler should be set to GMod. From there it can cut out all the other crap and just leaves this as the main directory
(C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\username\ is already predetermined by the QC compiler)

what the $cdmaterials command does is go down one folder to:


so now all your qc should state in the $cdmaterials command is


Which is where your materials and textures should be, Ignore Blender when it comes to VTF’s and textures, it doesn’t give two shits about what the material has in it, it only cares about the material name because that’s all it keeps when it exports, its your job the put the textures and materials where they need to be, where your QC states.

Thanks man

Hey thank you so much! I’ll be trying this out later today. :smile:

So I tried it, Materials are “name”.vmt and the textures are in the materials folder of Gmod. yet I’m still getting the checkerboard texture. . .

Name was an example, name your materials in blender the same name as you VMT files.

Also check inside your VMT that you have the right location for your VTF.

Ok so the problem is probably within the VMT. Now that I’ve renamed them to ensure they matched. I boot up Gmod and it’s invisible.

So I’m assuming its the way I’ve set up the VMT with vtf files.

For vtf files I have, they were labeled as:
example_bump or example_norm

They also came with:
m(just a red square)
n(just a purple square)

So I assumed that
diffuse went into base texture 1
bump and Norm went into Normal
I don’t know where light is suppose to go
spec I put under Environment Mask

and for the others:
I put bumpmap into bump map 1 for most materials
“n” into the other bump map slot.

I didn’t know where the other two went, so I didn’t use them

Thank you