Model Downloads

Hello members of facepunch.

So I have an addon (slow npc and player pack v4)

I’ve been wanting to put it on my server for a while so I finally got around to do it, but I needed models to be downloaded so after about 30 minutes or so I had a working addon folder that downloaded what the clients needed to download, however after restarting the server etc,. I noticed that you download the files but once in game you cannot spawn said models ragdoll and the class that has that model only shows an error, however spawn icons are working fine…Any suggestions? Maybe a directory I forgot to include?

If I need to elaborate more please tell me, it’s very early in the morning and I’m very tired.

well just make a fastDl (Fast download) for you addons and/or whatever else the clients need and dont forget if you make a FastDl

  1. start the server once let it load
  2. stop the server and copy the cache file to the fastdl

if you need more help just pm and i will be more then happy to help you :smiley: