Model Dump

Give me any useful models for Machinima making.
But, must be hexed, and in addon format. It can’t use content from L4D 1 & 2, or Portal and TF2.


This is like, the worst request I’ve ever seen on this forum. What you’ve just done is the equivalent of walking into a room full of people and screaming “GIVE ME GOOD STUFF.”

When you make a request, it has to be something specific, dude.

Here I’ll link you to all of my models because you’re too lazy to do anything about it.

Can someone explain why everyone on Facepunch is a butthurt faggot? Ban me. Go crazy. The community here makes me want to stop playing Garry’s Mod all together. Every answer is all snarky shit. Seriously. Learn to cooperate with others instead of acting like a prick. Every thread I post, every thread I see, everyone is a huge faggot. Grow up. So, FUCK FACEPUNCH, FUCK YOU, FUCK THE MODERATORS, FUCK THE ADMINS, FUCK YOUR BULLSHIT, AND FUCK YOUR ATTITDUE!

I’m sure the people you see are the ones who act like you.

Before you go off on your butthurt rants, take some time to read other request threads and look at how they are asking for specific things, not “good stuff for machinimas” if you’re too lazy to search for models to use on your own, then don’t bother making any films. They obviously won’t have any effort put fourth into them.

It’s times like these when I wish the section rules stickies were back.

After scrolling through this thread, I concur, you should.

If you take offense from someone telling you to be more specific then you clearly aren’t mature enough to be on the internets.