model error



im having some problems with some models i downloaded, one off of and another from a private site but they are made by the same person. normally i throw the models into the addon folder, but for these i believe need to be in the materials and models folder. when i try to spawn the models (Yui and Kanade ragdolls from Angel Beats! yes im a Otaku get over it) i get the error entities/blahblahblah/kanade.mdl not found. well i have it but for some reason its not seeing the model. so if anyone can help me i will be in their debt.
they also come with a VUI file but i dont think thats the problem, and also Kanade has a .DS file in it, but i dont know what it does. this is the error im actually getting
[gamemodes\sandbox\entities\effects\propspawn\init.lua:21] Model missing: models/Kanade

why is the model path pointing to entities?