model errors and what-not

Alright, maybe I’m just retarded, but the suppressors for my pistol SWEPs keep disappearing and some pistols which are meant to be semi-auto are full auto. Also I got the double shell ejection problem. I thought it might have been clashing files or something. I downloaded a couple of Mighty Lolrus’s SWEPs and then downloaded kermitethefrog’s weapons SWEPs as well. I didn’t like some of Lolrus’s weapons so I deleted the most of the packs (excluding the G36c, AS50 and custom M16) but the error persisted (not just with kermite’s packs). I cleared all addons and downloaded them again but it didn’t go away. Please someone help me, it’s really fecking annoying.

This isn’t a model error, it’s a scripting error.

Definately one for the Lua section, as i have no idea what your talking about ^^

Ah, thanks. Well, shit…