Model Export Help !

Hey guys , i’m new at Facepunch ( heart it’s a good community for ripped game’s models and sharing new addon models ) and i want some help :
Can anyone give me COD models from IW or AW or MW4R ? ( example pics )
Can anyone give me some Payday 2 Models + Animations ( to learn ) ?
Can u give me some 3D models ( assets ) with maps ( N , AO , Cur … ) ?
Can u guys give me some Ghost recon wildlands models , Samurai models , armor models … ( i’m working on a project video ) ?
Now , some little problems while i’m learning 3D modelling and animations i got these problems :
I made some old hands ( my own hands / hands from other games / assets ) but without the arm ( did a bone for it ) , now i have made the arm and i want to replace / add the arms to the old hands ? how ?
I want to texture models with a 2k quality but somtimes i see ppl texturing a human with 2k and it’s awesome ( no lack of quality ) but when i do jsut texture a gun with 2k i get alot of quality loss ? why ? how to fix it ? ( i use substance painter , Blender for modelling and animating , i use 2k UV resolution for my models and a 4k baked maps )
Thanks guys and i know that i’m asking alot , sorry :slight_smile:

you have a game? you can use lime64

Well since all servers in COD AW are shit and hard to find , with not enough players to play with and Xp up with , so i cain’t earn supply drops and rip those models Ex : Samurai :slight_smile:

just using lime64, enter the costumize room, in this room force exit game by press window button on your keyboard (don close your game keep your game still active) now open lime64 wait until quetion export yes or no

oky , but i want to rip skins and gears ( outfits ) and i don’t have them ? cuz i don’t have supply drops ? what’s the solution ?

skin is called texture (dds format), gear? gear always in one by character model,

if you want rip skin texture you can use ninja ripper by press f9

yeah ,ik but if i don’t have the ( Mesh ) in-game how can i rip it ?

Hey guys i have learned that the best way to do something is to do it by yourself , so i did buy COD AW ( damm expensive and uesless ) , download it and rip 3D models from it . I did rip alot of models from COD AW MP using different tools but i want to rip the characters so if anybody have a steam version of COD AW with supply drops or outfits plz contact me we can work something out . Thx
I’ll start uploading the models once i’m done fixing them . Gotta make a devivanart account for renders and stuff . :slight_smile:

Hey I’m trying to get these models too like the Samurai guy, I have cod aw on steam and online OCD ripped many models from cod aw I have it on my deviivanart page, my name on it it’s connorukboy If you wanna check the models I ripped, but these models so rare they’re hard to rip cus like the guy said at the top ages ago cod aw is dead, no one plays online and these models are only unlockable not payable. But I think if someone hacked it by cheatengine to give loads of whatever points to open supply drops then you can get the models :grimacing:

well i got some tools to add supply drops and add all the outfits for your account but it’s only for PS4 / PS3 not Pc , add me on steam so we can play COD AW together and i’ll figure something out .
COD AW is truly dead , like buried underground when i play i cain’t find any game so i only play Exo survival ( zombie needs season pass ) , i did rip 14k assets from COD AW but now i’m trying to fix them and get something working out of them , i’ll upload the junk maybe for someone to help me but it’s 15GBs Lol i’ll upload part by part or directly the result

We should defo work together to get these models. And okay my steam name is steeltiger323 add me.
I have the zombies exo hence why I ripped all the main characters and got 3 convertered to my GTA 5 high 2k quality they look amazing with redux and make visuals great again graphic mod with ultra settings 4K, they look even better than the models in actual cod lol, but I have someone professionally converting them

well we are going to work together i’ll just add u on steam and i’ll tell u when we can play , today i will play COD AW with ya .
I saw your devivantart account and posts and they are amazing i love’em thou u are in need of some serious rendering / material / lighting lessons Lol it doesn’t mater all what matters is the mesh and it’s textures .i never did rip any models from any game but ik how i just started ripping models from Umbrella corps and COD AW i’ll do more if i git gud Lol .
today morning i did rip 2k more assets ( just meshes with basic textures ofc ) and for the results / uploads i’m nearly finished with the Launchpad , Shield , some NPCs and some props like crates … Thx

Well I’ll be on my pc soon, then I’ll accept your steam request. How can just us play online tho like we’d need more people

Hi guys , here’s the first test&result from CoD:Aw

Second model ripped from CoD:Aw , enjoy . [Read Description]

A set of multiple parts/skins from CoD:Aw

Hey guys , sry for the long delay but i’m back with 12 Exo models from COD AW that took me ages to figure out where the skins / textures where , but with no more non sense talking i give u these models so please do enjoy : ( i’m tired for tonight i’ll do 20 more tommrow i have in total 47 Exo models ready and i’m working on sets ) : my profile

Good night . :slight_smile:

Hey guys as i promised 16 more exos i’ll do zombies soon with sets ( 5 gears at once like zombie and doc ) ( ik i promised 20 exos and yeah the day ain’t done yet Lol ) :

All downlaod links and infos are on my devianart profile thx

Better late than never I guess.

Use [T] instead of [IMG] so your pictures won’t be so massive.

Well i’m very sorry for that i didn’t know how to rip from COD games no one did share any info with me so i just figured it out until i met some ppl Faithfullfaun and the one above me + 2 from COD IW thread and that’s recently . So i will upload more models ASAP . i finished all the exos ( not all but the ones with sense Lol i’ll do the non-sense by request ) and i’m working on zombies and sets then i’ll go props until someone out there makes a new COD AWR Lol just kidding :slight_smile:

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Lol i’m back and these are the finale exo models ( ones with sense thou i’m still missing like Gladiator and Carnavale … but they’ll come in sets ) i’m gonna work with sets right now Flags and then medic then zombie and then what ever comes ready maybe weapon skins too Thx : (these are 10 exo models )

Good Night