Model faces seem to be Inverted

Hello there!

I have recently started going into modeling, and i decided for starters to attempt to rig some models so that they were compatible with Source. So i went on and tried my best. Using the SWEP creator, i removed the MP5 from CSS and replaced it with the MP5 model from Far Cry 3 that i have rigged. But here is my problem.

After i have placed it in-game, i noticed that a lot of the Faces of the model have been inverted. (yes, i know the textures are weird, ill create a separate thread bout them after i solve this problem)

looking into the model in blender, seems perfectly fine to me!

So what can i do to fix this?


Go into edit mode, press A to highlight all the faces, then select the mesh tab, then select normals, the click, flip normals. you can also add $nocull 1 to the vmt

Ok thanks, ill try that.

Using $nocull with inside-normals would fix the texture alignment, but will probably cause lighting problems. Also, it forces the engine to render all faces of the model all the time. Don’t use it.

Blender has the “make normals consistent”-option, which will fix you model if it’s done right.

Yeah, $nocull fixed it!

But now i need to figure out how to fix the textures. Ill make a seperate thread for that!

Mods close this please ^^