Model Flexibility


Is there a tutorial, or explanation on how to set a model’s phys? (for a human model). I thought that if two models were rigged to valve’s skeleton, you could just swap the files. It seems this has changed, which now results in Gmod crashing. Any help, or links would be greatly appreciated.

Hasn’t changed to my knowledge, but it might crash if the new models have altered skeletons or different phymodels. What models were you going to do this with?

The Mass Effect 3 Alliance Troopers. They are supposedly using enhanced citizens skeleton, which I assumed was Valve’s skeleton.

There’s nothing saying they’re using the Enhanced Citizens’ skeleton, just their heads and textures.
Pretty sure they’re still using the original Mass Effect skeleton, which would be why that’s not working.

Yeah, I realized that. Dean is helping me out, thanks though!