Model hack request

Ok so I need this simple headhack as a ragdoll, if this get done, dont you dare to ask for Player or NPC, I will say no

For CS:S, meh… maybe smoki can do it after his SDK is fixed

I need the ski mask you get in Ultimate Team pack here obviously needs to include the googles:

Ski mask guy is GIGN

In this body without any helmet(I get one in Frontlines, MW head gear pack) and with some tactical gloves that you can get on the pack.

I need it with MW2 eyeball model, since Ubisoft made a poor job with this eyeball, lol


Nobody’s going to do this because it’s an edit of Halflambada’s personal skin.


Fuck it

Well, let this thread die in peace

If you reply, you are gay

P.S I was going to add GTA 4 original textures too so it isnt like HalfLambada, but… FUUUUUCK IT