model hack

i know it’s overused but can someone take the male_07 model and add the baseball cap from the tf2 scout (include the textures because i don’t have them) and these glasses from kathar’s pack>

thanks in advance

can someone give it a try?

WTF!? How many times are you going to request a model hack

that depends. until it finally gets made or i find something better.
but i have been asking for less and less things each time

I think I’ll give it a try at the original hack you wanted in the past 2 threads, just 'cause I’m nice and bored.

Shit, I can’t. Sorry.

well at least you tried… unless it was sarcasm, can’t tell the difference in a wall of text

Get TF2 and prove me that you have it, then I’ll do it for you.

why would i get tf2 just for a model

Because if you don’t it’s Warez (technically).

(Request Rules)

ok… could you make a simple texture for it then?