Model hacking problem

So after taking up model hacking and going through lots and lots of errors just yesterday, I finally got my model in game, with working textures and phy model that doesn’t crash my game. What fun. However when I spawn my model, it stands there in the default pose, however it’s not dynamic. It’s like an invisible ragdoll is attached to it, because I can’t rotate or move my model but I can pick up that invisible model around it, seen in the picture below. (Also I’m on a laptop, so try to ignore the bad textures)

If anyone who knows the cause of the problem can help me, it would be much appreciated.

Could you post the .qc you compiled with?

The model not being rigged to the skeleton might cause that. If you type vcollide_wireframe 1 into the console you should be able to see the collision model. If it’s ragdolling by itself properly, then I’d be even more inclined to suspect the model wasn’t rigged right.

What are you using to do the hacking? I had a version of Varsity’s SMD tools for Blender that wouldn’t export the rigging for some reason and I had to get a different version that would.

And Pax, I’m using 3dsmax 2012 with cannon fodder’s tools.

perhaps something’s wrong with the weights,.
recheck the weights on your reference.smd, it might not be attached to the bones,…