Model has missing textures on hands

The gun model which I have downloaded has missing textures on it’s hands;

However, the hand models are defined in MDLTextureInfo;

And I have found the correct hand textures, and placed them into that directory;

How can I solve this?


Did you try opening the .vtf file? Sometimes it downloads a broken texture file that won’t work.

Yes, the .vtf file looks fine, I would screen shot it, but I am not on my computer.

Anyone else have an idea?

Are you sure the vmt file is correctly linked to the vtf?
Post the contents of it please.

Also, you haven’t changed the original directories of the materials right?
Make sure the paths are exactly the same as they were when you downloaded it.

SWEP.UseHands = true

the SWEP.UseHands = true doesn’t work, here is the .vmt’s content

	"$basetexture" "models\weapons\v_models\KF_hands\hands_1stP_military_diff"
	"$bumpmap" "models\weapons\v_models\KF_hands\hands_1stP_normal"

And I didn’t change any directories.

Does anyone have an idea of why this is doing this?


I guess no one has a solution :confused:

Where did you download it from?

I got the model from the steam workshop,
And in the comments he said that people should get the hands from

A few of the comments tell us that others have missing textures because it’s WIP.

That gamebanana link is for the credits:

G@L Models:

I don’t think it actually has any finished hands, unless you use it in the old CS 1.6 or CS:S

I’d recommend using the Deagle, and creating a Lua script to update / overlay a gold-texture on top of the gun. Alternatively, there are Golden-Guns / Detective guns for TTT. They have textures / hands.

Okay, thanks :slight_smile:
How would I overlay a gold texture on the gun?

I was talking about a standard Desert Eagle; but for that one, I’m not sure if you’re able to do it if the original doesn’t exist…

But, it’s straight forward material replacement with Lua:

// First, get the materials outside of the place you replace it if it’s a loop
local _defaultmat = Material( “path/to/defaultmaterial” );
local _newmat = Material( “path/to/newmat” );

// Now, make a reference to the default and new $basetextures
local oldTexture = _defaultmat:GetTexture( "$basetexture" );
local newTexture = _newmat:GetTexture( "$basetexture" );

// If newtexture exists, and was successfully set above
if ( newTexture ) then
	// Update the default material with the new texture
	_defaultmat:SetTexture( "$basetexture", newTexture );

Yes, sorry I meant a standard Deagle too.
Thanks very much :D, I am guessing I just put that in the guns code, and make a new material?

You should probably also fix the retarded capitalization in it and make it all lower case, as I’m not entirely sure all operating systems can work with that.

Excellent point; if you’re running a Linux server then you really should keep all names fully lowercase. In Linux, Windows.png and windows.png can exist in the same folder because it counts the 32 count difference between W and w and all other characters as separate characters. So, if it is Linux, and the code calls upper-case and the actual files are lower; that could be your problem right there.

But, you’re running Windows, so it shouldn’t matter, but it’s nice to be consistent.