Model has visible "split"

I simply give up. I tried a lot of things to remove the “split” from Corpus Crewman but nothing helped.
I even reinstalled Garry’s Mod, applied original textures… nothing, nada.

I have this problem from today morning.[/t]
Before "Corruption"


After "Corruption"

Original model does not have visible split, not even a bit. Keep in mind, those two pictures represents SAME model.

The console says this
“Requesting texture value from var “$basetexture” which is not a texture value (material: pp/copy)”

Could someone help me please? It’s important for me to fix the Corpus Crewman.

First, my english is bad, sorry.

Did you make that model?
What exactly you changed that this is happen?

I know that this error will appear if the edges/polygons of the model are not connected, for me known as “hard edges”. So if you have the reference files, weld the edges/polygons together.

I hope that helped a bit, if not i’m sorry :confused:

  1. I did not make this model, Nikout13 did.
  2. Well I changed a lot of times textures (helmet, body , visor) but I did not mess with model.

Nikout13 stated that It’s UV problem. But still, before everything was fine… today not so much.

that’s a smoothing issue if i’ve ever seen one

either that or you fucked up on the phong

I’m pretty sure the forehead of corpus and the helmet, both sides are assigned to one smoothing group. It has to be something with UV that bump map makes this, I am afraid.