Model hasnt want to compiled !

I get some brushes for TF2 Scout. But when I want compilated a files I get a message with error in GUI Studio about:

%eyes_updown = eyes_updown
%eyes_rightleft = eyes_rightleft
%WQ = WQ
%OO = OO
%MB = MB
%SH = SH
%Y = Y
%FV = FV
%AH = AH
%AE = AE
%UH = UH
%AW = AW
%EE = EE
%PP = PP
%OH = OH
%TH = TH
%T = T
%ER = ER
%DS = DS
%GK = GK
%N = N
%silence = silence
%happySmall = happySmall
%madUpper = madUpper
%specialAction01Upper = specialAction01Upper
%scaredUpper = scaredUpper
%painBigUpper = painBigUpper
%painSmallUpper = painSmallUpper
%happyBigUpper = happyBigUpper
%happySmallUpper = happySmallUpper
%specialAction01 = specialAction01
%scared = scared
%mad = mad
%painBig = painBig
%painSmall = painSmall
%happyBig = happyBig

I realized, this strings about eyes and face posing and deleted them

Model was compilated and I put it in GMod. But model does not have the eye and face posing !!!

How to good complited the model with eye and face posing ?

Christ, it looks like you ran through google translator. Setting that aside, what exactly does the error say? We can’t help you if you don’t tell us exactly what the error message says.

I get this in GUIStudioMDL

ERROR: d:\scout\scout.qc(99): - Rule for unknown flex eyes_updown
ERROR: Aborted Processing on ‘player\scout.mdl’

remove %eyes_updown = eyes_updown

I removed this line and I get…

ERROR: d:\scout\scout.qc(99): - Rule for unknown flex eyes_rightleft
ERROR: Aborted Processing on ‘player\scout.mdl’

I delete this and others, and others, and others… until model was compiled.
But in game it isn’t has a eye and face posing !!! For this I requested assistance.

Fuck. I wonder how people manage to compile models with faceposing.

This should push you in the right direction. Scout Gesture and .QC file

Generally, decompiling messes up faceposing something fierce. Actually making the flexes yourself and using the source sdk content as an example, as well as following the SDK wiki is very helpful, and you generally don’t have any problems.