Model help.

Problem 1:
So, I’m trying to rename/relocate a model, so I go ahead and use a hex editor to change the path in the files and I successfully relocate a model, but the texture on the model is pink and black. I even changed the vmt files in the materials folder to match the paths, yet I still get black and pink textures on my model. Yes, I have changed the texture path in the .mdl file aswell. I have tried many things, with no avail. Does the original path length need to be the same as the path length that I’m setting? because when I change the texture path back to the original, it works, and uses the original textures placed at original locations.

Problem 2:
I’m trying to view downloaded player models, like hexed citizens for example, but the model viewer crashes when opening them. Any info on this?

Over this way: