model help

I was wondering how to find the model route of a space build fusion generator so i could change it to a paint can and for that matter any prop of space build life support like a storage container thanks

Hold Q, Right click any prop in the list, Click Copy to Clipboard.
Go into the console, type the console command used to change the model of the fusion generator, click CTRL+V.

thanks divran but i actually know the second part like copying the model and putting it after the console command but how do i find the console command name for props like the fusion generator

the only one i know is

wire_expression2_model (prop copy/paste)
how do i find the wire_expression2_model command for fusion generator


i will get mah answer

sb_something? maybe type “find fusion” in console.

oooo i see i think so console quick finds items cool

if you go “find xxxx” then it will pull any command that has xxxx in it’s command or description.