Model Help

I have a model, which bones weren’t made correctly. So any weapons it holds, it will hold it in the pistol grip. Is there a way I can fix this through lua?

function fuckthisshit (ply)
action sequence here
hook.add("think", somegmamemodefunction, fuckthisshit)

timercreate blah blah

Well, it may not even be your model.

If you are using cider (you may not be) then you will go to the weapon, on entities/weapons/theweaponyouuse/shared.lua then scroll down and find this code:

-- Called when the SWEP is initialized.
function SWEP:Initialize()

change the self:SetWeaponHoldType(“normal”) bit to what ever you want. so for eg

if i want to make this hold it like a rifle i will use


Hope this helps, if not… keep researching.

This may/may not be your problem, i’m just trying to help you out…

Just a suggestion, try the default weapons (CSS and HL2 weapons) and go to thirdperson. Does the model hold these right? If it does than the mess up is in the SWEP.

What is the situation then?