Model importing request.

Okay, so here is the situation I find myself in. I am wanting to get my models into Gmod. Simple enough to be done, right? Nope. I don’t have the proper games, nor the money, to get them. So, here is what I am requesting. I need a person or group of people, trust worthy enough to accept my models and not distribute them without permission, and who are capable of putting the models and textures into a file format capable of being read by Gmod.

That said, I plan on putting alot of different things onto the site, from hoverbikes and starships to weapon models. I put a request thread up in the LUA subforum for a good zero-g starfighter script, but so far no one has responded, even to say if it can be done or not.

I hope to get a good responce to this request thread, for it’ll mean some new free stuff for you all.

You’re asking people to do the work for you, so you can put your models onto the site?

Pretty much, since I cannot do that myself. Not inability, as in not knowing how or too lazy, I simply am incapable of putting them in. The software that would allow me to doesn’t work. At all.

What do you mean when you say your models?

Or do you want them to port the models from the games, re rig and arrange them for Gmod and then give them to you so you can release them?

By my models, I mean models that I have created from scratch. Ships, weapons, vehicles, etc. etc. If I can figure out how to code them for use, it’d mean some pretty cool toys. By working with someone, I am full willing to do all the rigging work, texturing work, etc. etc. but I need a compiler for it all. Thats my problem, my compiler programs won’t work.

What format are the models in? A surprising number of 3d modeling programs have support for plugins that can export to a source-engine compatible format, and from there all you have to do is compile, and there are a few versions of the main tool used for that (and some alternate methods) if the version you have doesn’t work.

Well, I use 3ds max for the primary modeling and texturing in addition to the rigging. I have the source model format exporter plugin, but I do not have the compilation programs. Studio compiler does not work, nor does the internet version, or any other version of the programs that would compile them. Hense my request of someone who can work with me to help me get my models into Gmod. (A couple of tutorials on all the scripting would be most welcome.)