Model in Map

Hi guys,
ive downloaded a model from
Now i want to make a scripted sequence with the model.
How can i do this? Because i only know, that i can make these sequences with “npc_x” ?
I tried prop_ragdoll and prop_dynamic, but on both i can’t make something like “wave”

Try making a little more sense, what model did you download?

Please use the help thread. We have two of them after all.

How can i make a new NPC/change the model of a NPC.
I’ve tried to open the npc_gman in VS++ and change the model directroy.
I compiled it but it isnt working :frowning:

You still didn’t elaborate as to what you’re actually doing, what model did you download, was it a ragdoll, did it have animations or are you importing this model over the bones of another model and then re-compiling it?

It was just a model from, a ragdoll.
It have animations and now i want to make a NPC with this “ragdoll”, which can move or apply an animation

Make a Scripted NPC.

And how?


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But i just want to replace the model of gman at least <_<

better to make a whole new NPC, that way you kill two birds with one stone, learning Lua and getting what you want.

Is there any Tutorial to make a new NPC? :>

There’s this website, see?

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We’re not going to hold your hand the whole time you’re here.

Oh guy, I already googled it, but i cant find anything.
Is this way possibile?
Change the model directory from npc_gman and compile it?

if the model you downloaded has the same animations as the npc_gman you can just place it in gman’s relative paths.

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Okay thanks, another question: How can I make a “Livemap” Background for my Mod?
Well, I create a map, and this map is my mod background ^^