Model in the crotch of the playermodel

Hello whoever reads this,

at first I wanna say, that im very bad with lua / blender so I need to ask for help.
I found (…yes this isnt mine) this Weapon: on the Internet and wanted to use this on my Server.
But it seems, that the worldmodel is kinda bugged, because it doesnt is in the Player models hands, it is in his crotch.

I tried the weapon creating kit, but it didnt worked either.

SWEP.ShowViewModel = true
SWEP.ShowWorldModel = false
SWEP.WElements = {
	["element_name"] = { type = "Model", model = "models/weapons/f_snip_l96.mdl", bone = "ValveBiped.Bip01_R_Hand", rel = "", pos = Vector(0.518, 1.557, 0.518), angle = Angle(-8.183, 0, 180), size = Vector(1.08, 1.08, 1.08), color = Color(255, 255, 255, 255), surpresslightning = false, material = "", skin = 0, bodygroup = {} }

So I wanted to ask, if someone know how I can fix the modell.

Thank you for reading,
Lucas, aka Deadalus.

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Weapon models in source are usually split into two categories. View models (first person models, generally higher poly, custom animated, and with unseen faces removed) and world models (third person models, generally little to no animations on the model itself, much lower poly, has holdtypes). Usually these are differentiated with v_ or w_ prefixes but th is model seems to use f_ and n_ instead. Anyway, n_ is firstperson and f_ is thirdperson. World models in source are usually bone merged. The model may contain bones for muzzle flash, shell ejection, and more importantly, the bone that is merged. This bone contains weapon_bone and weapon_bone_Clip which are used in L4D2, but Garry’s Mod uses the R_Hand bone.

If the desired bone doesn’t exist then the model is usually placed at the center of the model and which happens to be the pelvis. In a nutshell, the model should ideally be recompiled with appropriate bones and positions.