Model Ingame Is Invisible - HELP

Okay so I have been working on trying to get some of my custom models in for a fishing game I am working on. And well. They DON’T WANT TO COOPERATE… Help please…

Here is my .QC

– What I think is funny is that it views just fine in the Source SDK Model Viewer…

$modelname “ultimatefishing/fish/bass/bass.mdl”

$cdmaterials “models/ultimatefishing/fish/bass”

$scale 1.0
$surfaceprop “Flesh”

$body “Body” “bass.smd”

$sequence “idle” “bass_idle” fps 30

$collisionmodel “bass_phys.smd”
$mass 20

Here’s my .VMT

“$basetexture” “models/ultimatefishing/fish/bass/bass”